Tumor cell isolation

Isolation of pure and viable tumor cells is a prerequisite for reliable cancer research. Tumor Cell Isolation Kits and suitable isolation protocols yield pure untouched cancer cells of different tumor entities. Subsequently, specific subpopulations can be isolated by positive separation, allowing for high-quality analysis of low-frequent tumor populations like cancer stem cells.

Depletion of non-tumor cells from dissociated tumor tissue is essential for receiving pure tumor cells of interest. Based on comprehensive screenings on primary tumor material, cell lines, and healthy tissues, the Tumor Cell Isolation Kits include combinations of antibodies recognizing all cells of the tumor microenvironment but not the tumor cells. Using these antibodies coupled to MicroBeads can eliminate >95% of contaminating cells in less than 20 min.

Analysis of untouched CD133+ tumor cells after non-tumor cell depletion

Rapid isolation of untouched human tumor cells

Depletion of non-tumor cells from dissociated primary tumor tissue can be performed by magnetic cell separation using the Tumor Cell Isolation Kit, human in just 20 minutes. 
As the isolated tumor cells are untouched, subsequent tumor subpopulations can be isolated by MACS® Technology as shown for the isolation of CD133+ cancer stem cells.

Isolation of untouched tumor cells from PDX brain tumors after mouse cell depletion

Untouched human tumor cells from PDX mouse models

The Mouse Cell Depletion Kit effectively removes post-dissociation debris and depletes infiltrating mouse cells from patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models, as shown for a glioblastoma model. This delivers untouched human tumor cells with a purity of 98%.

Isolation of untouched mouse tumor cells from different tumor entities

Untouched mouse tumor cell isolation

Using the Tumor Cell Isolation Kit, mouse, untouched tumor cells can be isolated from bulk tumors. The isolation is independent of tumor-specific surface markers as the antibody cocktail was developed to deplete unwanted non-tumor cells.

A complete workflow for isolating pure tumor cell populations from primary tissue for improved downstream analysis

Listen to the lecture delivered by Dr. Olaf Hardt and learn more about isolating pure tumor cell populations from primary tissue for improved downstream analyses using MACS Technology.

A revolutionary workflow for isolating pure cell populations from primary tumor tissue

Watch this recorded webinar on the isolation of cells from tumor tissues, including the optimized and automated dissociation of solid tissues.

Depletion of unwanted cells from dissociated tumor tissue improves analysis as well as culture of target cells. Fast and easy magnetic separation using MACS MicroBeads allows for accurate downstream cancer cell analysis avoiding bias caused by contaminating cells.

Exome sequencing of tumor samples prior to and after mouse cell depletion

Improved downstream analysis of untouched tumor cells

Depletion of contaminating mouse cells allows for accurate downstream analysis of human tumor xenografts by next generation sequencing. Untouched isolation by magnetic separation is easy and fast (<20 min) and can be used for all kinds of xenografted human material without the need for a positive marker expressed on human cells.

Get acquainted with our protocols for the isolation and analysis of tumor cells.


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