Partners and collaborators

Contract services, partnerships, and licensing

Our business development team is dedicated to the identification and assessment of new growth opportunities and to the support of corporate development by establishing strategic collaborations in R&D, manufacturing, and distribution.

Miltenyi Biotec offers aseptic formulation and fill & finish services for batch sizes between 100 and 25,000 injection vials including the option of lyophilization.

Based on our extensive experience and Miltenyi’s unique GMP-grade cell separation platform, covered by FDA Master Files Type II, Miltenyi Biotec provides the development of customized cell separation reagents based on antibody-coupled magnetic beads, which aid to separate and process special cell populations fast, easy and in consistent manner.

Miltenyi Biotec supports your projects with a full range of services for the development and manufacture of biopharmaceuticals, affinity matrices, GMP media and solutions, and medical devices.

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We have successfully developed and manufactured products for customers in US, Europe and Asia for research and clinical applications. We support all phases of the product value chain from development and manufacturing, to registration, marketing, and sales. We welcome all discussions regarding co-development of products that can be positioned within our strategic business focus, especially in those areas that aim to utilize our technology platforms.

Product distribution
Miltenyi Biotec is well positioned to meet product distribution needs with a direct sales organization in 18 countries. Through our distribution network we market our products in more than 70 countries worldwide. We are interested in evaluating new products for isolation, culture, expansion, activation, differentiation, and analysis of cells with applications in both research and clinical scenarios.

Mergers & acquisitions
We have obtained several of our technologies and facilities through acquisitions, including, for example, our GMP manufacturing facilities in Teterow, Germany, our therapeutic apheresis technology platform, TheraSorb™, our gene expression profiling technologies and bioinformatics program. Our aim is to make further acquisitions in fields related to our strategic business focus.

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We are always looking for new products and technologies that are available for licensing in order to expand our current product and service portfolio. Our strategic approach involves the evaluation of in-licensing opportunities for exciting technologies and products in the areas of stem cells, cancer, neuroscience and immunology.

One of our key interests is in monoclonal antibodies against cell surface molecules that could be applicable to Magnetic Cell Sorting (MACS) or flow cytometry.

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If you would like to develop your innovative products using Miltenyi Biotec’s proprietary technologies or if you want to implement clinical or diagnostic protocols on our instrument platforms for your planned commercial applications, we can assist in all phases of development and manufacturing, including clinical development and regulatory filing

To meet these demands we are offering customization programs ranging from integrated R&D to GMP contract manufacturing , covering reagents, consumables and medical device instrumentation, validation, clinical development and registration.

Our special focus is on the offering of tailor-made solutions for the implementation of custom cell products and protocols on our CliniMACS Prodigy® platform.

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