Ultra high content imaging using MICS technology on the MACSima™ Imaging Platform

The MACSima™ Imaging Platform is the only complete solution for ultra high content imaging experiments. 

At its core it includes the MACSima Imaging System, a fully automated instrument based on fluorescence microscopy. Its MICS (MACSimaTM Imaging Cyclic Staining) technology, together with a broad spectrum of recombinant ready-to-use antibodies, allows the analysis of hundreds of markers on a single sample, multiple samples at a time. Convenient and easy to use, its specially designed sample carriers allow you to examine any kind of fixed sample, from tissue to single cells, and the powerful and intuitive Qi Tissue™ Image Analysis Software makes for a truly game-changing imaging experience.

Ultra high content imaging portfolio

Powerful and automated: Ultra high content imaging with the MACSima™ Imaging Platform

Learn how the MACSima Imaging System uses MICS technology to stain hundreds of markers on a single sample, multiple samples at a time, all in an entirely automated fashion. See more than ever before: Unlock new insights and advance your research further, faster!

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Find a collection of scientific posters presented at congresses showing data aquired with the MACSima Imaging Platform using MICS technology.

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Application note

Characterization of TILs in colon carcinoma with the MACSima Imaging Platform

Discover how MICS technology on the MACSima Imaging Platform enables you to analyze 75 markers on a single colon carcinoma section for deep characterization of TILs.

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