CD137 MicroBead Kit, human

CD137 MicroBead Kit, human

The CD137 MicroBead Kit was developed for the positive selection of human CD137
cells from PBMCs.

Background information

CD137-PE recognizes the CD137 (4-1BB) antigen, a 30 kDa glycoprotein of the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) receptor superfamily. CD137 is mainly expressed on activated CD4
and CD8
T cells, activated B cells, and on natural killer cells, but can also be found on resting monocytes and dendritic cells. As a costimulatory molecule CD137 is involved in the activation and survival of CD4
or CD8
T cells, and NK cells.
Recently, CD137 has been described to be a suitable marker for antigen-specific activation of human CD8
T cells, as CD137 is not expressed on resting CD8
T cells and its expression is reliably induced after 24 hours of stimulation.
cells are indirectly magnetically labeled with CD137-PE and Anti-PE MicroBeads. For the isolation of activated antigen-specific CD8
T cells, the CD137 MicroBead Kit can be combined with the CD8
T Cell Isolation Kit.

Downstream applications

In a previous study, CD137-expressing T cells were targeted for selective depletion of alloreactive T cells from antileukemic and antitumor donor T cell lines.
The CD137 MicroBead Kit was developed for positive selection of CD137
cells for phenotypical and functional characterization of activated CD137
T cells.


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