CD127 MicroBead Kit, human

CD127 MicroBead Kit, human

The CD127 MicroBead Kit has been developed for the positive selection or depletion of CD127
cells from human PBMCs.

Background information

CD127, the α-chain of the IL-7 receptor, is a type I membrane glycoprotein. Signaling of IL-7 through the IL-7R requires both IL-7Rα and the common cytokine gamma chain (γc).
CD127 can be identified on immature B cells through the early pre-B stage, on thymocytes, and on most mature T cells with transient down-regulation upon activation.
On regulatory T cells CD127 is absent
and its expression is inversely correlated with FoxP3 expression and suppressive function.
CD127 is also used by thymic stromal derived lymphopoietin (TSLP) as part of a complex.
Human regulatory T cells can be isolated, for example, by using the CD4
Regulatory T Cell Isolation Kit, human.


For positive selection: MS, LS, XS, or autoMACS
Columns. For depletion: LD, D, or autoMACS Columns.
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      CD127 expression inversely correlates with FoxP3 and suppressive function of human CD4
      T reg cells.
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