CD1a MicroBeads, human

CD1a MicroBeads, human

CD1a MicroBeads have been developed for positive selection of CD1a
dendritic cells from epidermis (Langerhans cells), dermis, lung, mucosa, and other non-lymphoid tissues or for further purification of CD1a
dendritic cells generated
ex vivo
from CD34
or CD133
hematopoietic progenitor cells.

Background information

The CD1a antigen is a member of the CD1 family of proteins, which are structurally related to MHC class I proteins and mediate the presentation of non-peptide antigens to T cells.


CD1a MicroBeads were used, for example, for the isolation of Langerhans cells from epidermis
or for isolation of hematopoietic progenitor cell-derived dendritic cells.


For positive selection: MS, LS, XS, or autoMACS® Columns. Large Cell Columns are recommended for the isolation of Langerhans cells from skin.
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