StemMACS™ MSC Expansion Media, human

StemMACS™ MSC Expansion Media, human

The StemMACS MSC Expansion Media is an optimized and standardized medium for the reproducible and reliable expansion of MSCs from human BM samples or other tissue sources.

Background information

As MSCs appear at relatively low frequency in human bone marrow (BM) samples and other tissues, their in vitro propagation is often necessary in order to obtain sufficient cell numbers for further experiments, such as in vivo transplantation studies in animals or in vitro differentiation studies including gene expression or protein profiling. StemMACS Expansion Medium efficiently and reproducibly expands cultures of MSCs in vitro while maintaining the cells’ differentiation potential.
The medium is supplied in a ready-to-use format and is manufactured under strictly controlled conditions using ingredients of the highest quality. StemMACS Expansion Medium offers consistent lot-to-lot performance and optimal conditions for the cultivation of MSCs
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