CytoBox Th17, mouse

CytoBox Th17, mouse

Starter kits for polarization of mouse T helper 17 cells, containing recombinant cytokines and blocking functional-grade antibodies.

Background information

The different T helper (Tʜ) cell subsets have a central function in initiation, programming, and regulation of the various protective and pathological antigen-specific immune responses. T helper 17 (Tʜ17) cells are responsible of the immune response against extracellular bacteria and fungi at the level of epithelial and mucosal tissues via secretion of IL-17, which activates neutrophils, and IL-22, responsible for several anti-microbial actions. However, Tʜ17 cells are predominantly investigated for their role in autoimmune disorders, such as Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and psoriasis, as well as in inflammatory diseases caused by persistent secretion of Tʜ17 cytokines.
Tʜ17 cell differentiate from naive T cells, but the conditions for Tʜ17 cell polarization
in vivo
are still under investigation.
In vitro
, a combination of several cytokines is needed for Tʜ17 polarization, including TGF-β, IL-6, IL-1β, and IL-23. Tʜ17 differentiation can be further sustained with Anti-IFN-γ, Anti-IL-4, and Anti-IL-2 pure functional grade antibodies by blocking Tʜ1 and Tʜ2 polarization.
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