Antibodies for flow cytometry

Our wide range of flow cytometry and flow sorting antibodies are designed for high specificity and bright signals. They comprise primary, secondary isotype control antibodies, and ready-to-use kits for all key applications, including immuno-oncology, neuroscience, and cytokine detection. Based on revolutionary recombinant antibody technology, these reagents allow high lot-to-lot consistency and background-free cell analysis or cell sorting.  Thoroughly tested and validated for all flow applications, REAfinity recombinant and REAlease releasable antibodies ensure high standardization and reliable results. 

Reliable flow cytometry antibodies

Our flow cytometry antibodies and kits are designed for convenience and flexibility. Choose from a wide range of MACS Antibodies suited for identification and enumeration of human, mouse, rat, or non-human primate cells by flow cytometry.

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Background-free analysis of mouse TILs

See the benefits of using REAfinity Recombinant Antibody clones for the analysis of different TIL populations

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