Type of antibody:
Primary antibodies
mouse IgG1κ
Alternative names:
PVRL2, HveB, PRR2, PVRR2, Nectin-2

Specifications for CD112 Antibody, anti-human


Clone R2.525 recognizes the human CD112 antigen, a single-pass type I membrane protein, which is also known as nectin-2, herpesvirus entry mediator B (HveB), or poliovirus receptor-related protein 2 (PRR2). Nectins are Ca
-independent cell adhesion molecules that consist of 4 members: CD111 (Nectin-1), CD112 (Nectin-2), CD113 (Nectin-3), and Nectin-4. CD112 is one of the plasma membrane components of adherens junctions and is widely expressed in human tissues, including hematopoietic cells. It is also over-expressed in various cancers, e.g. breast and ovarian cancers. It has been reported to regulate cell adhesion between epithelial cells through the formation of trans-dimers between adjacent cells. CD112-mediated cell adhesion induces the formation of E-cadherin-based adherens junctions followed by the formation of claudin-based tight junctions. In addition to its function as a cell adhesion molecule, previous studies have suggested that CD112 acts as an organizer of Sertoli cell–spermatid junctions in the testis and of synapse formation by neurons and as an entry receptor for viruses. CD112 is also known to be one of the ligands of CD226 (DNAM-1) and TIGIT.

Alternative names

PVRL2, HveB, PRR2, PVRR2, Nectin-2

Detailed product information

Technical specifications

Isotypemouse IgG1κ
Isotype controlIsotype Control Antibody, mouse IgG1
Type of antibodyPrimary antibodies
Alternative names of antigenPVRL2, HveB, PRR2, PVRR2, Nectin-2
Molecular mass of antigen [kDa]55
Distribution of antigenendothelial cells, epithelial cells, leukocytes, testicle
Entrez Gene ID5819
RRIDAB_2889425, AB_2654545, AB_2654546, AB_2889426

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References for CD112 Antibody, anti-human


  1. Eberlé, F. et al. (1995) The human PRR2 gene, related to the human poliovirus receptor gene (PVR), is the true homolog of the murine MPH gene. Gene 159(2): 267-272
  2. Pende, D. et al. (2005) PVR (CD155) and Nectin-2 (CD112) as ligands of the human DNAM-1 (CD226) activating receptor: involvement in tumor cell lysis. Mol. Immunol. 42(4): 463-469
  3. Oshima, T. et al. (2013) Nectin-2 is a potential target for antibody therapy of breast and ovarian cancers. Mol. Cancer 12(60): 4598-4612

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