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Our anniversary edition of MACS&more is packed with articles from international researchers on a wide range of topics. Download a free digital copy at your convenience.

Content overview

This issue includes the following editorial articles and scientific reports, which were put together with the help of our collaborators and customers. Enjoy reading!


  • At the forefront of innovation – research and development at Miltenyi Biotec 1989–2019 and beyond


  • Tissue clearing and light sheet microscopy – the perfect match for 3D imaging (R. Vigouroux and A. Chédotal)
  • MACSima™ Imaging Platform provides new insights into cancer biology and target discovery by cyclic immunofluorescence–based imaging (C. Herbel et al.)
  • From graft engineering to lymphocyte engineering in high-risk pediatric leukemia (M. Maschan)
  • Biophysical technology (FRET, FLIM) homes in on tumor cell biology – the epidermal growth factor receptor (T. Jovin and D. Arndt-Jovin)


  • Development of cellular immunotherapies for solid cancers of childhood (C. Rössig)
  • 25 years of development: dendritic cells for anti-tumor immunity (J. de Vries et al.)
  • Adapter CAR™ Technology – the missing link towards controllable CAR T cell function (J. Mittelstät et al.)
  • Production of GMP-grade gut-homing regulatory T cells at the NIHR Biomedical Research Centre, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital and King’s College, London, UK (S. Tasker and G. Lord)
  • MACS® Technology, mutants, and microbes (H.-D. Chang and A. Radbruch)

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