Transfection and transduction

Transfection, enrichment of transfected cells, and transduction

  • Transfection efficiencies higher then using leading lipid transfection reagents
  • Magnetic enrichment of transfected cells without the need of laborious stable cell transfection and antibiotic selection procedures
  • Sensitive transduction of target cells with low-titer virus preparations
MACSfectin™ Reagent is applicable for plasmid DNA, mRNA, and siRNA transfection. For enrichment of transfected cells, the MACSelect™ System, which is based on the renowned MACS® Technology, helps to tackle low transfection efficiencies. It is uses the transiently expressed truncated human CD4, the truncated mouse MHC class I H-2Kk, and truncated human LNGFR as surface markers to select transfected cells. Transduction of cells with only low-titer preparations can be achieved by using MACSductin™ Reagent. It consists of polycationic, magnetic beads that help to efficiently transduce primary cells and cell lines using adeno- or retro-/lentiviral vectors.
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