Automated manufacturing of CAR NK cells

Recorded webinar

This webinar reviews the current status of CAR NK cell-based immunotherapy. Martha Elia Luevano Salinas, global product manager of NK cells at Miltenyi Biotec, discusses the following topics:

  • Strategies used to generate CAR NK cells for immunotherapy
  • Current approaches to increase CAR NK cell cytotoxicity
  • Introduction to the new CliniMACS Prodigy Platform, a unique platform that allows generation of gene-modified CAR NK cells in a standardized and fully automated fashion
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Automated manufacturing of CAR NK cells

Watch the webinar to learn about the current status of CAR engineered NK cells as an adoptive, cell-based immunotherapy, alongside the strategies developed for CAR NK cell generation.

About the presenter

Martha completed her postdoctoral research in stem cells (Miltenyi Biotec-Marie Curie fellowship) and her Ph.D. at the Anthony Nolan Institute (University College London), finding solutions to expand NK cells for therapeutic purposes. Her combined experience in molecular and cellular research has made her the recipient of international grants and fellowships.

Martha Elia Luevano Salinas, Ph.D., Miltenyi Biotec