Immunophenotyping: Get the most out of your flow cytometry antibodies

Part of being a research scientist is constantly seeking to learn more not just about your research subject, but about the broader field, and specifically about techniques and methodologies that may help drive your work further, faster. Miltenyi Biotec is in large part made up of active or previous research biologists, and we're pleased to regularly share the tips and tricks that we've discovered. In this video, we discuss how to set up a multicolor panel and analyze cell subsets from PBMC or whole blood samples. While immunophenotyping via flow cytometry provides a basic overview of blood sample compositions with respect to the major cell types in seconds, it is essential to properly design the panel and the controls to get the most out of it. Here, we show how to perform a multicolor analysis of leukocyte subsets.


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MACS Academy: Multicolor flow cytometry – understand the basics

Join Dr Guerric Epron and his webinar on the basics of flow cytometry, including fluorescence, compensation, data-spread effect, and panel design.

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