MultiMACS™ M96thermo Separator

MultiMACS™ M96thermo Separator

The MultiMACS M96thermo Separator is a compact bench top instrument capable of parallel processing of 8-96 samples in proteomics and molecular biology applications. It can be run either manually, semi-automated or fully automated when integrated into a liquid handling system. The MultiMACS M96thermo Separator combines the features of the MultiMACS M96 Separator with a heating functionality to heat up samples at 37 °C or 42 °C.
The instrument works in combination with a wide range of MultiMACS Kits which are developed to isolate highly pure molecules such as epitope-tagged proteins, as well as their interaction partners or protein complexes, mRNA, specific nucleic acid sequences, and HIV-1. The heating functionality of the instrument allows for mRNA isolation and direct in-column cDNA synthesis in 1.5 hours, or for performing enzymatic reactions.


All applications which run on the MultiMACS M96 Separator can also be performed on the MultiMACS M96thermo Separator. In addition, the heating functionality of the MultiMACS M96thermo Separator enables:
  • in-column cDNA synthesis after mRNA capture in combination with the MultiMACS cDNA Synthesis Kit
  • in-column enzymatic reactions in combination with MultiMACS Epitope-Tag Isolation Kits
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