MultiMACS™ M96 Separator

MultiMACS™ M96 Separator

The MultiMACS M96 Separator is a compact benchtop instrument capable of parallel processing of 8-96 samples in proteomics and molecular biology applications. It can be run either manually, semi-automated or fully automated when integrated into a liquid handling system. The instrument works in combination with a wide range of MultiMACS Kits which are developed to isolate highly pure molecules such as epitope-tagged proteins and their interaction partners or protein complexes, mRNA, specific nucleic acid sequences, and HIV-1.

Background information

The MultiMACS M96 Separator is equipped with pre-defined programs for different range of applications. Individual programs can be created or the parameters of an existing program can be edited. Multi-8 Columns and Multi-96 Columns offer flexible processing of sample numbers from 8 to 96 reactions. The column technology allows for running all procedures by gravity flow thus making multiple centrifugation or buffer removal steps dispensable. The system of instrument and columns is complemented by MultiMACS Kits.


The MultiMACS M96 Separator can be used in combination with various MultiMACS Kits:
  • MultiMACS Epitope-Tag Isolation Kits for the isolation of epitope-tagged proteins such as GFP, HA, c-myc, His or GST and for protein-protein interaction studies.
  • MultiMACS Protein A/G Kits for rapid analytical scale immunoprecipitation (IP), Co-IP, or chromatin-IP of proteins and their interaction partners from cell lysates.
  • MultiMACS Streptavidin Kits for direct isolation of biotinylated molecules, viral DNA, tRNA, using biotinylated nucleic acid probes. They can be used for capturing DNA- and RNA-binding proteins in protein interaction studies or even for isolation of ligand receptor complexes, organelles or viruses.
  • MultiMACS mRNA Isolation Kits for a wide range of applications from reverse transcription (RT)-PCR to microarray analysis and cDNA library generation. Highly sensitive mRNA isolation faster than traditional total RNA isolations can be achieved.
  • MutiMACS VitalVirus HIV Isolation Kits for the enrichment and detection of HIV-1 for viral load analysis or for quantification of HIV-1 or direct genotyping via RT-PCR.
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