Understand nature's complexity

Ultra high content imaging with the MACSima™ Imaging Platform

  • Analysis of hundreds of markers within a single sample
  • Automated sample processing and imaging
  • Imaging of all types of fixed samples from tissue to single cells

The MACSima™ Instrument is a fully automated imaging system based on fluorescence microscopy. It’s  MICS (multiparameter imaging cell screen) technology united with a broad spectrum of available antibodies, enables you to analyze hundreds of markers within a single sample or multiple samples at a time, while it is still convenient and easy to use.

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Explore the next step in high content imaging

Our brand-new MACSima™ Imaging Platform offers you a way out of the world of compromise, of choosing one answer over the other, of only seeing fractions at a time. It is a revolution in the field of fluorescence microscopy that helps you to finally understand nature’s complexity.