MACSiMAG™ Separator

MACSiMAG™ Separator

The MACSiMAG™ Separator is designed for the removal of MACSiBead™ Particles from cell suspensions. The MACSiMAG Separator holds up to three 50 mL tubes and four 15 mL tubes. The tube rack supplied with the separator can be equipped with eight tubes from 0.5 mL to 5 mL in size.
The MACSiMAG Separator is for use with MACSiBead Particles only, and not for use with MACS

Detailed separation procedure

Samples, e.g., cell suspensions or protein preparations, are incubated with MACSiBead™ Particles. Subsequently, the tubes containing the samples are placed in the extremely strong magnetic field of the MACSiMAG™ Separator. Within a few minutes, the MACSiBead Particles, 3.5 μm in size, together with the labeled material (e.g. certain cells, endotoxin) adhere to the tube wall. The supernatant, which is depleted of the labeled material, can be removed.


  • Cell activation or expansion experiments using MACS® Activation/Expansion Kits
  • Depletion of unwanted material using Anti-Biotin MACSiBead Particles, CD15 MACSiBead Particles, or Endotoxin Removal Beads.
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