Large Cell Columns

Large Cell Columns

Large Cell Columns are designed for positive selection of large human or animal cells, for example megakaryocytes. In general, cell suspensions should not contain clumps, aggregates or particles >50 μm. The flow rate of the columns is controlled with a flow resistor that is supplied with the columns.
Large Cell Columns can be used with the following separators:
  • MiniMACS™ Separator
  • OctoMACS™ Separator

Column capacity

For lymphoid cells from blood, bone marrow or tissue:
Up to 10
magnetically labeled cells from up to 2×10
total cells.
For the capacity of cells from other tissues, e.g., neural tissues, please refer to the data sheet provided with the particular MACS Cell Separation Reagent.

Background information

The matrix of the Large Cell Columns is composed of ferromagnetic spheres, which are covered with a cell-friendly coating allowing fast and gentle separation of cells. When placed in the magnetic field of a MACS
Separator, the spheres amplify the magnetic field by 10,000-fold, thus inducing a high gradient within the column. This is crucial for isolation of cells which are only minimally labeled with MACS
MicroBeads, leaving enough epitopes free for concurrent antibody staining. The space between the spheres is several times larger than primary and most cultured cells. This allows the cells to freely flow through the column. Magnetically labeled cells are held in suspension within the column and do not actually “bind” the column matrix. This suspension minimizes stress on the cells and allows for efficient sterile washing by avoiding cell aggregation.
The columns are packed individually in a sterile way.
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