StraightFrom® Whole Blood CD138 MicroBeads, human

Whole Blood CD138 MicroBeads
, human

Whole Blood CD138 MicroBeads were developed for rapid positive selection of CD138
cells directly from whole blood or bone marrow, thus minimizing hands-on time and maximizing yield of target cells. No sample preparation is required, including density gradient centrifugation and erythrocyte lysis.

Background information

The CD138 antigen, also known as syndecan-1, is primarily expressed on normal and malignant plasma cells in the bone marrow. In peripheral blood of healthy donors approximately 50% of plasma cells express this antigen. In contrast, CD138 is not expressed by naive B cells, germinal center B cells, memory B cells, T cells, and monocytes.

Detailed separation procedure

Anticoagulated cell samples of 0.25–15 mL are labeled with StraightFrom
Whole Blood CD138 MicroBeads and subsequently separated with the autoMACS
Pro Separator, the MultiMACS™ Cell24 Separator Plus, or using the Whole Blood Column Kit. StraightFrom Whole Blood MicroBeads in combination with the autoMACS Separators allow standardization of the cell separation procedure and safe handling of hazardous samples.

Downstream applications

The purified CD138
cells are well suited for flow cytometric, functional, or molecular analysis.


Columns or Whole Blood Columns.

How to isolate immune cells directly from blood

Follow this fast and easy protocol for magnetic isolation of immune cells directly from blood or blood products without the need for density gradient centrifugation.

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