REAlease® CD56 MicroBead Kit, human

CD56 MicroBead Kit
, human

The REAlease
CD56 MicroBead Kit has been developed for positive selection CD56
cells from PBMCs. The kit contains an indirect magnetic labeling system for obtaining target cells free of MicroBeads and REAlease Biotin Complex.

Background information

The CD56 antigen is expressed by most NK cells and a T cell subset. Upon activation of NK cells, the surface expression of CD56 is increased.

Downstream applications

  • Isolation of specific CD56+ cell subsets. The CD56+ cells can be used to isolate specific NK or T cell subsets, e.g., CD8+ CD56+ , CD3+ CD56+ , CD3- CD56+ , or CD56+ CD69+ cell subsets.
  • Isolation of CD56+ cell subset which needs to be label-free.
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