Anti-ACSA-2 MicroBead Kit, mouse

Anti-ACSA-2 MicroBead Kit, mouse

Anti-ACSA-2 MicroBeads (ACSA-2: astrocyte cell surface antigen-2) have been developed for the isolation or depletion of primary mouse astrocytes based on the expression of the ACSA-2 antigen. The protocol can be performed within only one hour.

Background information

The ACSA-2 antigen is specifically expressed on GLAST (ACSA-1) positive astrocytes and is therefore an exclusive marker of astrocytes in the developing and neonatal mouse central nervous system (CNS). The Anti-ACSA-2 MicroBeads allow also for purification of astrocytes that show weak GLAST (ACSA-1) expression.
The percentage of ACSA-2 positive astrocytes differs according to the mouse age and the brain region used for the cell isolation.
The isolation of primary astrocytes was tested particularly on dissociated postnatal CD-1 mouse brain tissue derived from animals younger than postnatal day 8 (P8). The protocol can be performed in only one hour. The astrocytes show excellent morphology in culture using MACS® Neuro Medium, MACS® NeuroBrew-21 with P/S and L-glutamine.
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