StemMACS™ mRNA Transfection Kit

StemMACS™ mRNA Transfection Kit

The StemMACS™ mRNA Transfection Kit is a lipid-based transfection system designed for efficient mRNA delivery into various cell types. The optimized formulation ensures high transfection efficiency at minimal cytotoxicity.

Background information

The transient, non-integrative expression of key developmental regulators, recombinases or markers via mRNA transfection is a powerful tool for modulating cell fate.
The StemMACS™ mRNA Transfection Reagent has been selected for its minimal cytotoxicity and high transfection efficiency. It is therefore particularly suited for sensitive cell lines such as pluripotent stem cells and complex transfection schedules that involve repeated mRNA delivery over several days. The StemMACS™ mRNA Transfection Kit has been successfully used for transfection of primary human fibroblasts and the generation of iPS cell lines by mRNA reprogramming.

Detailed procedure

For satisfactory transfection results, use a transfection protocol optimized for your specific cell type. StemMACS™ eGFP mRNA or StemMACS™ Nuclear eGFP mRNA allow easy evaluation of transfection efficiency and are recommended as positive controls.


  • Transient, non-integrative delivery of mRNA encoded factors into a broad range of cell types, including primary fibroblasts and human iPS cells
  • mRNA reprogramming of human fibroblasts
  • mRNA-induced differentiation of stem and progenitor cells
  • mRNA-induced transdifferentiation of differentiated cells
  • mRNA-induced recombination
  • Transient labeling with fluorescent proteins
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