CliniMACS® CD133 Product Line

CD133 Product Line

CD133 is expressed on immature hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells but is not found on mature blood cells. In contrast to the CD34 antigen, CD133 is not expressed by late progenitors such as pre-B cells, CFU-E, and CFU-G. The stem cell marker CD133 was formerly known as AC133.
The CliniMACS
CD133 Product Line consists of murine anti-CD133 monoclonal antibodies conjugated to superparamagnetic iron dextran particles.
One vial contains 7.5 mL sterile, non‑pyrogenic solution.
The performance of the CliniMACS CD133 Product Line depends on the individual separation strategy. For information on respective capacities, refer to the CliniMACS User Manual or contact your local representative.
Please inquire about required CliniMACS System components and accessories.


The CliniMACS
System components, including Reagents, Tubing Sets, Instruments, and PBS/EDTA Buffer, are designed, manufactured and tested under a quality system certified to ISO 13485.
In the EU, the CliniMACS System components are available as CE-marked medical devices for their respective intended use, unless otherwise stated. The CliniMACS Reagents and Biotin Conjugates are intended for
in vitro
use only and are not designated for therapeutic use or direct infusion into patients. The CliniMACS Reagents in combination with the CliniMACS System are intended to separate human cells. Miltenyi Biotec as the manufacturer of the CliniMACS System does not give any recommendations regarding the use of separated cells for therapeutic purposes and does not make any claims regarding a clinical benefit. For the manufacturing and use of target cells in humans the national legislation and regulations - e.g., for the EU the Directive 2004/23/EC ("human tissues and cells"), or the Directive 2002/98/EC ("human blood and blood components") - must be followed. Thus, any clinical application of the target cells is exclusively within the responsibility of the user of a CliniMACS System.
In the US, the CliniMACS CD34 Reagent System, including the CliniMACS Plus Instrument, CliniMACS CD34 Reagent, CliniMACS Tubing Sets TS and LS, and the CliniMACS PBS/EDTA Buffer, is FDA approved as a Humanitarian Use Device (HUD), authorized by U.S. Federal law for use in the treatment of patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in first complete remission. The effectiveness of the device for this indication has not been demonstrated. Other products of the CliniMACS Product Line are available for use only under an approved Investigational New Drug (IND) application, Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) or FDA approval.
CliniMACS GMP MicroBeads are for research use and
ex vivo
cell processing only.
CliniMACS MicroBeads are for research use only and not for human therapeutic or diagnostic use.


The CliniMACS CD133 Product Line was developed for the enrichment of CD133
cells from human heterogeneous hematologic cell populations in combination with the CliniMACS System.

Referenced literature

stem cells are investigated in various areas of regenerative medicine, such as cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases and peripheral artery diseases.
Besides the interest in non-hematopoietic applications, CD133
stem cell enrichment is performed to provide an allogeneic stemcell graft highly purified for CD133
cells and depleted of unwanted cells.
In autologous transplantation, CD133
progenitor cells can be enriched in order to passively remove tumor cells from the graft (purging).
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