Type of antibody:
Primary antibodies, Recombinant antibodies
recombinant human IgG1
Alternative names:
FCGR2B, FcRII, FcgammaRIIB2, Fcgr2

Specifications for CD32 Antibody, anti-rat, REAfinity™


Clone REA256 recognizes the CD32 antigen, a 40 kDa polymorphic transmembrane glycoprotein also known as low affinity immunoglobulin gamma Fc region receptor II (FcγRII or FCRII). CD32 is a surface receptor protein and part of a large population of B cell co-receptors, which act to modulate signaling. Rat CD32 is expressed by B lymphocytes, myeloid cells, some lymphocytes in the thymic medulla, and cells which appear homologous to plasmacytoid dendritic cells. It mediates phagocytosis and oxidative burst in granulocytes, as well as platelet aggregation and immunomodulation. The extracellular domain of CD32 binds to aggregated IgG and immune complexes and down-regulates antibody production in the presence of IgG. This feedback loops essentially lowers the production of IgG produced by B cells when there is a surplus in the body.
Additional information: Clone REA256 displays negligible binding to Fc receptors.

Alternative names

FCGR2B, FcRII, FcgammaRIIB2, Fcgr2

Detailed product information

Technical specifications

Isotyperecombinant human IgG1
Isotype controlREA Control Antibody, human IgG1
Hosthuman cell line
Type of antibodyPrimary antibodies, Recombinant antibodies
Alternative names of antigenFCGR2B, FcRII, FcgammaRIIB2, Fcgr2
Molecular mass of antigen [kDa]28
Distribution of antigenB cells, granulocytes, macrophages, monocytes, NK cells, platelets
Entrez Gene ID289211
RRIDAB_2657434, AB_2657435, AB_2657436, AB_2657437, AB_2657438, AB_2657439, AB_2657440, AB_2657441, AB_2657442, AB_2657433

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References for CD32 Antibody, anti-rat, REAfinity™


  1. Hubert, F. X. et al. (2004)
    Rat plasmacytoid dendritic cells are an abundant subset of MHC Class II
    and type I IFN-producing cells that exhibit selective expression of Toll-like receptors 7 and 9 and strong responsiveness to CpG.
    J Immunol 172(12): 7485-7494
  2. Lynch, R. G. et al. (2000) Regulatory roles for FcgammaRIII (CD16) and FcgammaRII (CD32) in the development of T- and B-lineage lymphoid cells. J. Leukoc. Biol. 67: 279-284

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