Type of antibody:
Releasable antibodies, Primary antibodies, Recombinant antibodies
Alternative names:
MS4A1, B1, Bp35, CVID5, LEU-16, MS4A2, S7, Ly-44

Specifications for CD20 Antibody, anti-human,


Clone REAL702 is an antibody fragment derived from the full CD20 antibody molecule. It displays no binding to Fc receptors. The recombinantly engineered antibody fragments are multimerized to form the REAlease Complex to bind markers with high avidity.
Clone REAL702 recognizes the CD20 antigen, a non-glycosylated transmembrane protein of 33–37 kDa that is expressed on B lineage cells from the pre–B cell stage to the B cell lymphoblast stage. The antigen is further expressed on most malignant B cells. CD20 is not found on early B cell progenitors or plasma cells. Oligomers of CD20 form a Ca2
channel and might function in the regulation of local responses during B cell activation.
The REAlease Kits consist of the respective fluorochrome-conjugated REAlease Complexes and the REAlease Support Kit for removal of the REAlease Complexes and optional relabeling with different fluorochrome-conjugated REAlease Complexes.

Alternative names

MS4A1, B1, Bp35, CVID5, LEU-16, MS4A2, S7, Ly-44

Detailed product information

Technical specifications

Isotype controlControl Antibody
Hostcell line
Type of antibodyReleasable antibodies, Primary antibodies, Recombinant antibodies
Alternative names of antigenMS4A1, B1, Bp35, CVID5, LEU-16, MS4A2, S7, Ly-44
Distribution of antigenB cells, dendritic cells, lymphocytes, cancer stem cells

References for CD20 Antibody, anti-human,


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