Type of antibody:
Primary antibodies, Recombinant antibodies
recombinant human IgG1
Alternative names:
Il6r, IL-6R-1, IL-6RA, IL6Q, IL6RA, IL6RQ, gp80

Specifications for CD126 (IL-6Rα) Antibody, anti-human, REAfinity™


Clone REA291 recognizes the CD126 antigen, a type I cytokine receptor also known as interleukin 6 receptor subunit alpha (IL-6Rα) or membrane glycoprotein 80 (gp80). CD126 associates with the IL-6 receptor β chain (CD130 or gp130) resulting in the formation of a functional high affinity IL-6 receptor (IL-6R) complex. It is also shared by many other receptors like leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF), ciliary neurotropic factor (CNTF), oncostatin M (OSM), IL-11, and cardiotropin 1 (CT-1). CD126 (IL-6Rα) is highly expressed on activated and EBV-transformed B cells, plasma cells, and myeloma cells. Lower expression levels are detected on T cells, monocytes, granulocytes, hepatocytes, epithelial cells, fibroblasts, and neural cells. Interleukin 6 (IL-6) is a potent pleiotropic cytokine that regulates cell growth and differentiation and plays an important role in the immune response. IL-6 binding to the receptor complex results in the stimulation of B and T cells, and hematopoietic precursor proliferation and differentiation. A soluble form of CD126 also exists in human serum. Dysregulated production of IL-6 and the IL-6R are implicated in the pathogenesis of many diseases, such as multiple myeloma, autoimmune diseases, and prostate cancer.
Additional information: Clone REA291 displays negligible binding to Fc receptors.

Alternative names

Il6r, IL-6R-1, IL-6RA, IL6Q, IL6RA, IL6RQ, gp80

Detailed product information

Technical specifications

Isotyperecombinant human IgG1
Isotype controlREA Control Antibody (S), human IgG1
Hosthuman cell line
Type of antibodyPrimary antibodies, Recombinant antibodies
AntigenCD126 (IL-6Rα)
Alternative names of antigenIl6r, IL-6R-1, IL-6RA, IL6Q, IL6RA, IL6RQ, gp80
Molecular mass of antigen [kDa]50
Distribution of antigenB cells, T cells, monocytes, fibroblasts, granulocytes, plasma cells
Entrez Gene ID3570
RRIDAB_2654806, AB_2654807, AB_2654808, AB_2654809, AB_2654810, AB_2654813, AB_2654814, AB_2904707, AB_2904706, AB_2921870, AB_2921857, AB_2654805

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References for CD126 (IL-6Rα) Antibody, anti-human, REAfinity™


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