Type of antibody:
Primary antibodies, Recombinant antibodies
recombinant human IgG1
Alternative names:

Specifications for c-Rel Antibody, anti-mouse, REAfinity™


Clone REA397 recognizes the mouse c-Rel antigen, a 65 kDa member of the NF-κB family of eukaryotic transcription factors, which also includes the proteins RelA (p65), RelB, NF-κB1 (p105/p50), and NF-κB2 (p100/p52). NF-κB transcription factors can form various homo- and heterodimers possessing unique specificities in regulating target gene expression. While RelA-containing dimers are present in most cell types, c-Rel complexes are predominately found in cells of hematopoietic origin. In T cell lymphocytes, certain genes essential for immune function such as interleukin 2 (IL-2) and FoxP3 are directly regulated by c-Rel. Additionally, c-Rel-dependent IL-12 and IL-23 transcription by macrophages and dendritic cells (DCs) is crucial for T cell differentiation and effector functions. Accordingly, c-Rel expression in T cells and antigen-presenting cells controls a delicate balance between tolerance and immunity.
Additional information: Clone REA397 displays negligible binding to Fc receptors.

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Technical specifications

Isotyperecombinant human IgG1
Isotype controlREA Control Antibody, human IgG1
Hosthuman cell line
Type of antibodyPrimary antibodies, Recombinant antibodies
Alternative names of antigenREL
Molecular mass of antigen [kDa]65
Distribution of antigenT cells, lymphocytes, dendritic cells, macrophages
Entrez Gene ID19696
RRIDAB_2651455, AB_2651456, AB_2811682

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