The latest developments for enriching and analyzing antigen- and virus-specific T cells

Recorded webinar

About the webinar

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed urgency on precise analysis of rare antigen- and virus-specific T cells. At Miltenyi Biotec, we offer a complete workflow for isolation, stimulation, sorting and analysis of antigen- and virus-specific T cells. Analysis of these rare cells is not only important to reveal whether or not long-term protection is gained after infection or vaccination, but also essential for understanding fundamental immunological processes in immuno-oncology and immune tolerance.

Working with antigen-specific T cells can prove challenging to researchers. Critically low cell frequencies, inflammatory environments, unspecific labeling and high background often hamper reliable analysis.  

Our workflow has been optimized at every step to address key challenges faced by researchers working with these rare cells. The correct combination of products for sample preparation, cell stimulation, pre-enrichment and flow cytometry is key for a successful analysis.  

We are confident that we can assist you, in even the most challenging research projects and your work on viral threats like COVID-19. 

About the presenter

Lorenz Fülle received his PhD in immunology from the University of Bonn, Germany in 2018. His studies focused on allergy-associated immune responses of the skin and brain. Following his PhD, he continued his work in the field of inflammatory skin research as a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Life & Medical Sciences (LIMES) in Bonn before joining Miltenyi Biotec as a Global Product Manager for antigen- and virus-specific T cells.