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GadoSpin™ MRI Agents employ a broad range of structural entities, from small, polar molecules, over dendrimers, polymers up to amphiphiles, to tailor contrast agents for specific applications. 

GadoSpin M is our all-purpose extracellular gadolinium chelate agent for classical contrast-enhanced MRI and for studying CNS disease. It rapidly escapes from vasculature and does not cross cellular membranes or the uncompromised blood-brain barrier. The trusted standard from human clinical MRI has been formulated for small-animal imaging. 

GadoSpin P is a long-circulating imaging agent and ideally suited for magnetic resonance angiography (MRA). It is based on a high-molecular-weight polymer that does not extravasate from intact blood vessels. It enables higher resolution through a longer steady-state period and a wide acquisition time frame. 

GadoSpin D is a unique dendritic MRI agent for studying blood vessel integrity and angiogenesis in tumors and inflamed tissue via dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) MRI. It contains 24 gadolinium ions in a perfectly globular structure. GadoSpin D is ideal for dynamic studies of vascular permeability, quantitation of angiogenesis, and monitoring therapeutic efficacy.

GadoSpin F is a unique MRI agent specific for atherosclerosis. It contains a hydrophobic targeting moiety for high protein binding affinity. The agent accumulates in atherosclerotic plaques and enables direct T1-weighted visualization of plaque burden. GadoSpin F is the leading MRI agent for cardiovascular disease imaging
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