Treg Detection Kit (CD4/CD25/CD127), human

Treg Detection Kit (CD4/CD25/CD127), human

The Treg Detection Kit (CD4/CD25/CD127) has been developed as a simple one-reagent solution for the identification of human regulatory T (Treg) cells by flow cytometry. Applications include
  • Staining and enumeration of CD4+ CD25+ CD127dim/– regulatory T cells in PBMCs, apheresis products, umbilical cord blood, or whole blood
  • Analysis of Treg cells separated using MACS® Technology

Background information

The kit combines monoclonal antibodies against the standard Treg cell markers CD4, CD25, and CD127 as well as the leukocyte marker CD45 at optimized titers in one vial. The combination of CD4, CD25, and CD127 staining is the current standard method for the identification of live Treg cells. Several publications have reported a strong correlation between the CD25
phenotype, expression of FoxP3, and suppressive function in CD4
  • Selected references

    1. Seddiki, N. et al. (2006) Expression of interleukin (IL)-2 and IL-7 receptors discriminates between human regulatory and activated T cells. J. Exp. Med. 203: 1693-1700
    2. Liu, W. et al. (2006)
      CD127 expression inversely correlates with FoxP3 and suppressive function of human CD4
      T reg cells.
      J. Exp. Med. 203: 1701-1711
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