MACSQuant® X Orbital Shaker

X Orbital Shaker

The MACSQuant
X has been engineered from the ground up as a compact flow cytometer made to provide maximum speed and reliability in high-throughput screening. It allows you to get more data, in less time, with less effort. Perfect for laboratories that want to optimize time while enjoying the certainty of getting reliable results every single run, the MACSQuant X has been designed to meet high-throughput cell analysis needs for the most challenging large-scale screening settings.
The benchtop flow cytometer MACSQuant
X gives you access to affordable and easy-to-use, high-throughput flow cytometry. Building on the core of our successful line of MACSQuant Instruments, we have developed a flow cytometer capable of processing various types of tubes and plates, including 384- and 96-well plates.
Built with speed in mind, the MACSQuant X gives you access to record amounts of data in a short period of time. With three lasers (405, 488, 638 nm), 10-parameter experiments can be performed in 15 minutes for a 96-well plate and in less than 60 minutes for a 384-well plate. Each sample is saved as an individual file, allowing you to either analyze every sample on the fly or access ready-to-analyze samples immediately after the plate processing has finished.
The instrument enables consistent results with as little as 5 μL uptake volume per sample, it still delivers consistently low coefficient of variation (CV) values, regardless of the chosen flow rate and input volume. All of this while still fulfilling the industry’s standard of less than 0.01% carryover between samples.
The MACSQuant X is also the only flow cytometer to offer two different sample mixing options. The integrated vibration needle can individually mix every single well of a plate. The MACSQuant X Orbital Shaker enables a 2-dimensional mixing of all samples within the plate at once. This shaker, allows for an easy experimental set-up and to switch directly between a single tube, tube rack, or different plate types.
This flow analyzer enables hands-free maintenance and sample processing with its built-in automation capabilities. From start-up and cleaning routines, to compensation and shut-down functions, everything is completely automated, leaving you more time to focus on your science.
The MACSQuant X’s integrated robotic pipetting arm can also do the staining of your samples. With the automated labeling function, you can enjoy hands-free labeling of up to 384 samples at a time. Just load the plate with your sample and let the MACSQuant X do the work for you.
Take also advantage of our unique software in order to analyze your data. Use our integrated MACSQuantify™ Software (with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance available) to easyily plan and schedule all automated housekeeping functions. Or use its integrated Express Modes: This feature allows you to fully automate and standardize your experimental process.
The new Flowlogic™ Analysis Software makes fast and accurate flow cytometry analysis of big data possible. With integrated gating, statistical testing, graphing and reporting functions it has never been easier to analyze data, and to produce report- or publication-quality figures.
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