CD326 (EpCAM) MicroBeads, human

CD326 (EpCAM) MicroBeads, human

CD326 (EpCAM) MicroBeads can be used for the:
  • positive selection or depletion of epithelial cells or epithelial tumor cells from single-cell preparations of tissues and organs,
  • enrichment of circulating or disseminated epithelial tumor cells expressing CD326 from peripheral blood, bone marrow, or even lymph nodes, serous effusions, or stool samples1 of patients with carcinomas,
  • positive selection of functional pluripotent hepatic progenitor cells (hepatic stem cells and hepatoblasts) from fetal, neonatal, pediatric, and adult liver tissue2,3 ,
  • positive selection of tumor exosomes from peripheral blood4 ,
  • enrichment of exfoliated epithelial cells from gastric aspirates and stool samples of preterm infants5 ,
  • purification of primary tumor cell cultures6 .

Background information

CD326, also known as human epithelial antigen (HEA), epithelial cell adhesion molecule (EpCAM), or epithelial-specific antigen (ESA) expression is seen in the majority of carcinomas. It is expressed on cells of epithelial origin, epithelium-derived tumor cells
, circulating tumor cells, and cancer stem cells.

Downstream applications

Tumor cells enriched by CD326 (EpCAM) MicroBeads can be cultured
and analyzed by immunocytochemistry
, flow cytometry, or molecular biology techniques, for example, RT-PCR


MS, LS, XS, or autoMACS
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