Naive B Cell Isolation Kit II, human

Naive B Cell Isolation Kit II, human

The Naive B Cell Isolation Kit II was developed for the fast and efficient isolation of untouched naive B cells from human PBMCs.

Detailed separation procedure

Non-B cells (T cells, NK cells, dendritic cells, monocytes, granulocytes, platelets, and erythroid cells) and non-naive B cells (memory B cells, activated B cells, and plasma cells) are labeled with a cocktail of biotinylated CD2, CD14, CD16, CD27, CD36, CD43, and CD235a (glycophorin A) antibodies. These cells are subsequently magnetically labeled with Anti-Biotin MicroBeads. Highly pure naive B cells are obtained by depletion of the magnetically labeled cells.

Downstream applications

Purified naive B cells can be used for studies in cell biology or molecular biology and functional assays.


MS, LS, XS, or autoMACS
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