Memory B Cell Isolation Kit, mouse

Memory B Cell Isolation Kit, mouse

The Memory B Cell Isolation Kit was developed for the isolation of memory B cells from mouse spleen and lymph nodes.

Background information

Memory B cells are quiescent B cells derived from proliferating antigen-experienced precursors. They are able to quickly react to a recurrent antigenic challenge, thereby providing humoral immune protection.

Detailed separation procedure

The isolation of mouse memory B cells is performed in two steps: First, non-memory B cells are indirectly magnetically labeled with a cocktail of biotin-conjugated antibodies, as primary labeling reagent and subsequently depleted using Anti-Biotin MicroBeads. During the first incubation step with the cocktail, cells are additionally labeled with Anti-IgG1-APC and Anti-IgG2ab-APC antibodies. In the second step, pre-enriched memory B cells are labeled with Anti-APC MicroBeads and isolated by positive selection over a MACS Column.


For the first magnetic separation (depletion): LD Columns. For the second magnetic separation (positive selection): MS Columns.
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