CD19 MultiSort Kit, human

CD19 MultiSort Kit, human

The CD19 MultiSort Kit was developed for the fast and efficient isolation of CD19
B cell subsets from human PBMCs, bone marrow, or lymphoid tissues. The CD19 MultiSort Kit is a complete system for sequential positive selections.

Detailed separation procedure

Lineage B cells are isolated with CD19 MultiSort MicroBeads and subsequently the magnetic particles are enzymatically released. The selected CD19
B cells can then be magnetically labeled and sorted according to a second antigen. The kit contains CD19 MultiSort MicroBeads, the MultiSort Release Reagent, and the MultiSort Stop Reagent.


The CD19 MultiSort Kit can be used for positive selection or depletion of B cell populations that express distinct developmental markers such as CD5 (e.g. B-1 cells), CD27 (e.g. memory B cells)
, or IgD (e.g. naive B cells)
. It can be further used for the isolation of activated B cells according to activation markers, e.g., CD25, CD30, CD38, or CD69. For selection of specific B cell subsets please refer also to the subset kits available.


MS, LS, XS, or autoMACS
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