T Cell TransAct™, human

T Cell TransAct™, human

T Cell TransAct™ has been developed as a ready-to-use reagent to activate and expand human T cells via CD3 and CD28. Its polymeric nanomatrix structure ensures gentle and efficient activation of resting T cells from PBMCs and of enriched T cell populations, while maintaining high viability.

Background information

T Cell TransAct™ consists of a colloidal polymeric nanomatrix conjugated to humanized CD3 and CD28 agonists providing primary and co-stimulatory signals for an optimized and efficient T cell activation and expansion. The nanoscale structure of T Cell TransAct™ allows sterile filtration and excess reagent can be removed by centrifugation with following conventional supernatant replacement or simply by medium wash.
Polyclonal T cell expansion can be used when increased numbers of effector cells are required without the use of feeder cells or antigens, or when T cells are activated to enable gene modification.


In vitro
stimulation and expansion of T cell populations, either from purified T cells or from PBMCs.
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