StemMACS™ HSC-CFU Media, human

StemMACS™ HSC-CFU Media, human

StemMACS HSC-CFU Media have been developed for the expansion of CD34
cells and to assess the differentiation potential of human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells as Colony Forming Units (CFU). They are ideally suited for use with
  • unseparated blood3 , bone marrow4 , or fetal liver cells
  • sorted cell populations1,4
  • or ES and iPS cell-derived hematopoietic precursors2
StemMACS HSC-CFU Media are standardized semi-solid media based on methylcellulose in IMDM, supplemented with FBS, BSA, and different growth factors. StemMACS HSC-CFU media are designed to maximize growth and differentiation of progenitor cells and allow the clonal progeny of a single cell to grow in a distinct cluster or colony. They are produced under tightly controlled manufacturing conditions and use highly qualified raw materials to provide a consistent and optimally performing colony assay.
StemMACS HSC-CFU media are available in different formats.

Technical data

Formulation of StemMACS HSC-CFU media

Technical data

Formulation of StemMACS HSC-CFU media
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StemMACS HSC-CFU complete with Epo, human

100 mL
CHF  642.00

StemMACS HSC-CFU complete w/o Epo, human

100 mL
CHF  588.00

StemMACS HSC-CFU lite with Epo, human

100 mL
CHF  574.00

StemMACS HSC-CFU basic, human

80 mL
CHF  214.00

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