Comprehensive solutions for your  
CAR T cell research

  • Fast and gentle isolation of donor T cells
  • Efficient T cell activation, gene transfer, and expansion
  • Phenotyping and functional analysis of engineered T cells

Application protocols

We offer synergistic and fully translational solutions for every step of the Research CAR T Cell Workflow. 

For the  automated T cell transduction process on the CliniMACS Prodigy®, please refer to GMP-engineered T cells.

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Improve your CAR T cell research

Introduction into Miltenyi Biotec’s workflow for CAR T cell manufacturing for research use, as well as possibilities to easily translate the workflow into the clinic.

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Our latest solutions to improve your CAR T cell research 

Following on from our renowned webinar “Improve your CAR T cell research”, this webinar will cover our latest product solutions and strategies to efficiently move your CAR T cell research forward. Tune in and learn how to: Isolate fully functional T cells directly from whole blood and blood products , boost lentiviral T cell transduction efficiency, easily activate and expand your T cells without hassle and advance your IPC and QC with our latest flow analysis solutions.

Research CAR T Cell Workflow by workflow step


The first step of CAR T cell production is the enrichment of T cells from your starting material of choice: Use our classical MACS® MicroBeads and Isolation Kits to isolate highly pure T cell subsets (e.g. CD4+, CD8+, or Pan T cells) from human PBMCs or our innovative StraightFrom® Technology to isolate cells directly from whole blood and blood products (e.g. buffy coat, Leukopak®, and LRSC). 

With StraightFrom MicroBeads, highly pure T cells are directly enriched in only 30 minutes by skipping time consuming density gradient centrifugation. This novel approach is automatable using the MultiMACS™ Cell24 Separator Plus to increase throughput and productivity. 

MACS Technology guarantees gentle and highly efficient T cell isolation, is fully compatible with any downstream application, and allows for a seamless translation into clinics, e.g., on the CliniMACS® Prodigy Platform.

*Leukopak is a registered trademark of StemExpress, LCC.

Enrichment of CD4+ and CD8+ T cells using MACS® Technology.
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More than just high purity and excellent recovery
MACS® MicroBead Technology is the most trusted and proven cell isolation technology. 

  • Minimal labeling and smallest bead size – preserved characteristics and no cell activation.
  • No cell stress – highest viability and no effects on cell functionality.
  • Free epitopes and no bead aggregates – cells can be directly used in downstream applications.
  • Automated separation with the MulitMACS™ 24 Cell Separator and the autoMACS® Separator Pro – speed-up your research.


Activation of T cells is important to start the proliferation process and to facilitate efficient retroviral or lentiviral transduction with a given CAR construct.

Activation and expansion of human CD4+ and CD8+ T cells using T Cell TransAct™ and TexMACS™ Medium.
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T Cell TransACT™

T Cell TransAct™ is the next generation activation reagent providing physiological T cell activation and expansion. 

  • Practical application – volumetric dosage, ready-to-use, removal by simple washing.
  • Robust stimulation – activation of resting T cells via humanized CD3 and CD28 antagonists conjugated to a polymeric nanomatrix leads to excellent proliferation and high expansion rates.
  • Translational – available in research- and MACS GMP Grade.
MACS Handbook:

Cell culture


Transgene expression depends on gene transfer efficiency. However, viral transduction of suspension cells with retroviral vectors is often inefficient and requires the use of transduction enhancers. 

Viability and transduction efficiency of T cells in the presence and absence of Vectofusin-1.
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Vectofusin-1® is the ideal transduction enhancer to boost viral gene transfer.

  • Synthetic, non-toxic soluble peptide.
  • Convenient and time saving – no pre-coating of cell culture surfaces required.
  • Translational – available in research- and MACS GMP Grade.


Optimal cultivation and expansion of transduced T cells rely on the strong synergy of T cell activation reagents, TexMACS™ Medium, and MACS® Cytokines. 

T cell expansion rates according to CD3+, CD4+, and CD8+ marker expression. 
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TexMACS™ Medium

Optimized, serum-free cell culture medium for reliable T cell culture results.  

  • Serum-free – free of animal-derived components
  • Translational – available in research and MACS GMP Grade (with or without phenol red)
Human IL-2 IS biological activity.
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MACS® Cytokines

Benefit from lot-specific activity of our premium-grade cytokines.

  • High reproducibility – biological activity determined for each lot for extract unit dosing.
  • Time and cost saving – not lot-to-lot testing needed.
  • Translational  – stringent manufacturing processes and quality control up to MACS GMP Grade.

Flow cytometry analysis

To monitor immune cell composition throughout the whole production process and to finally verify functionality of engineered T cells in vitro, we offer a broad spectrum of antibodies and cytokine analysis kits.

T cell characterization 

REAfinity Recombinant Antibody model.
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REAfinity™ Recombinant Antibodies

REAfinity™ Recombinant Antibodies provide superior lot-to-lot consistency and purity compared to mouse or rat hybridoma-derived, monoclonal antibodies.

  • Highest purity and lot-to-lot consistency.
  • Eliminates tedious and costly Fc receptor blocking steps.
  • One universal isotype control for convenience and cost savings.

CAR T cell analysis – Functional cytokine profiling

The accurate quantification of cytokines facilitates detailed examination of newly engineered CAR T cells.

Exemplary analysis and results using a MACSPlex Cytokine Kit.
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MACSPlex Cytokine Kits

MACSPlex Cytokine Kits were designed for easy quantification of secreted cytokines in cell culture supernatants, making it easy to assess CAR T  cell functionality.

  • Up to 12 human cytokines in one sample.
  • True mulitplexing.
  • Analysis can be done with every standard multi-color flow cytometer.
  • Optimized for automated measurement using the Express Modes of  the MACSQuant® Analyzers. 

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