How to bring MACS® PICK UP POINT
to your lab

It’s easy to bring MACS PICK UP POINT to your institution. Just follow these four simple steps. If you have any questions about the process, contact us at (Europe) or (USA).

1. Ask your local Miltenyi Biotec representative

Contact us and we’ll discuss how you can best profit from the MACS PICK UP POINT.

2. Customize your inventory

We will look at your current and future research needs, and develop an inventory list to fit your laboratory.

Typically, you’ll find in a MACS PICK UP POINT unit:

  • MACS MicroBeads and MicroBead Kits
  • MACS Antibodies and kits for flow cytometry
  • MACS Cytokines, and more

3. Customize your invoice and billing

All processes will be customized to support your existing business operations. Our web-based interface will automate sales, invoicing, and restocking.

4. Delivery

We will deliver and install the MACS PICK UP POINT at your site. All equipment and accessories are free of charge.