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Image analysis software – sophisticated yet simple

We are proud to introduce MACS® iQ, a family of easy-to-use, powerful software solutions that unlock the full capabilities of our instruments. As the first family member, MACS iQ View was specifically developed to analyze the enormous data stacks obtained by the MACSima™ Imaging System, allowing scientists to tap the full potential of spatial biology. Its versatility and intuitive user interface make it the perfect tool to analyze the multidimensional datasets gathered during MICS (MACSima™ Imaging Cyclic Staining) experiments, and to extract the underlying information in an easy and comprehensive manner. Of course, the software’s outstanding flexibility also allows users to analyze any other high-content imaging data.


Easy segmentation

Pre-defined segmentation options based on proven and fast algorithms let you start with your analysis at once. Alternatively, you can flexibly use your own trusted segmentation mask.

Flexible gating and clustering

Phenotype your cells based on biomarker expression, location, or cell shape properties – either through your favorite gating strategies or unbiased methods such as k-means clustering.

Smooth analysis workflow

Analyze your ultrahigh-content data comprehensively by multiple workflows. The workflow editor allows you to organize your analysis steps visually in an intuitive manner. Easily apply stored analysis workflows to other datasets.

Advanced plotting options

MACS iQ View offers sophisticated plotting options and analysis tools, including dimension reduction plots (t-SNE plots, UMAP) and distance mapping. 



Explore MACS® iQ View – the image analysis software

Catch a glimpse of the interactive, dynamic image and data display. The image shows a human breast carcinoma sample stained with antibodies against CD3 and cytokeratin 5, amongst many others. Data were generated with the MACSima™ Imaging System. 

  • Interact with the menu bar at the top to read about some of the software features.
  • Click on the highlighted example channels to the left to view the respective stainings. Click on a gate in the featured scatter plot to view the position of the gated cells on the fluorescence image.
MACS iQ tissue software
Image view - blue
Feature Plot - default
Click and start interacting



License options

License options

  • MACS iQ View is an integral part of the MACSima Imaging Platform. Two kinds of licenses are available. 
    • Permanent licenses are the perfect solution for long-term projects as you can rest assured that you have access to your software and all your valuable settings without limits.
    • Annual licenses offer great flexibility for short-term use. You will benefit from the latest upgrades and all newly developed tools during the time of your license. Of course, you can renew your annual license anytime.
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  • Hundreds of markers on one sample
  • Automated sample processing and imaging
  • Compatible with any kind of fixed sample
  • Wide range of sample carriers and validated antibodies available
  • Optimal data analysis with MACS iQ View Software
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MACS® iQ View – image analysis software

Sophisticated yet simple

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