Translational Cell and Gene Therapy mini-webinar series 

Translational Cell and Gene Therapy mini-webinar series 

Turbocharge your cell therapy research towards the clinics with our translational expertise

The Translational Cell and Gene Therapy mini-webinar series is a concise cluster of short webinars that grants an overview of Miltenyi Biotec’s portfolio of products and applications addressing important topics in the field of cell and gene therapy. Watch the recordings and get the latest information on the respective topics and learn about novel, cutting-edge technologies. 

As a catalyst of cell and gene therapy innovation, Miltenyi Biotec brings expertise and solutions to translational research driving insights from the lab bench to clinical applications in oncology and immunotherapies. The short presentations briefly delve into each topic and serve as a springboard for discussion. Your local sales contact can clarify any further questions directly and help guide your exploration of ideas and solutions locally.

Miltenyi Biotec’s CAR T cell ecosystem – from basic research to clinical manufacturing

Speaker: Saskia Rösch, PhD and Melanie Rietenbach, PhD (Global Product Managers T Cell Immunology & Engineered Cells)

Working with CAR T cells? Watch this webinar and explore Miltenyi Biotec’s solutions to advance CAR T cell therapies – from basic research to process development and clinical manufacturing. Discover the products, tools and services that build on Miltenyi Biotec expertise to move your CAR T projects forward.

New solutions for your engineered immune cell analytics

Speaker: Melanie Rietenbach, PhD and Dr. Annika Graband (Global Product Managers Engineered Cells & Flow Cytometry Reagents)

Melanie and Annika provide an update on technologies and resources available to upgrade your analytical toolbox for engineered immune cell analytics. They begin discussions with an overview of target discovery powered by the MACSima™ imaging platform to assess the immune context of disease. Next, they describe the advantages of StainExpress™ reagents and the Express Modes of the MACSQuantify™ Software for in-process (IPC) and quality control (QC) of engineered immune cells. Finally, they highlight the CAR Detection Reagents and other commercially available products to facilitate monitoring your cell product. Together, these constitute a dedicated set of tools to standardize and streamline your analytical assays and accelerate your development journey. 

Pluripotent stem cell culture and expansion: from research to clinical applications

Speaker: Dr. Viola Stella Palladino and Dr. Chao Sheng (Group Leader & Global Product Manager Regenerative Medicine)

In this webinar, Viola will first introduce our workflow for pluripotent stem cell (PSC) culture and maintenance. She will discuss our cell culture media products for PSC as well as well as our flow cytometry solution for quality control. Afterwards, Chao will outline the established workflow for GMP-compliant PSC expansion using the CliniMACS Prodigy® platform and the iPS-Brew GMP Medium, which could provide a ready-to-use solution for human PSC banking. 

From CAR NK cell research to clinical NK cell engineering

Speaker: Dr. Julia Hengst and Dr. Martha Elia Luevano Salinas (Global Product Managers NK Cells & Marketing Manager Engineered Cells)

Julia and Martha will discuss approaches to tackle questions in CAR NK cell research and enable a smooth transition into clinical CAR NK cell manufacturing. They will describe the best isolation strategies to obtain primary human NK cells and the optimal conditions to genetically modify NK cells. Integral to these processes is also the analysis of the phenotype and functional capacity of CAR NK cells via flow cytometry.

T cells in COVID-19: Translating research findings into clinical options

Speaker: Kirsten Langeveld (Global Product Manager Graft Engineering)

Evidence is mounting that SARS-CoV-2–specific T cells play an important role in recovering from COVID-19. Researchers have reported the presence of a SARS-CoV-2–specific memory T cell population in the blood of convalescent donors, and these cells have already been used to treat COVID-19 patients in a phase I clinical trial. 
Miltenyi Biotec offers a complete workflow for the study of virus-specific T cells and the production of clinical-grade products for cell therapy applications.  Listen to the episode “T cells in COVID-19: Translating research findings into clinical options” to learn more about the evolving role of cell therapy in the field of infectious disease. 

Advance your clinical-grade Treg cell manufacturing with Miltenyi Biotec

Speaker: Dr. Alina Steinbach (Global Product Manager Cell Sorting)

The ability to suppress immune responses has made regulatory T (Treg) cells a promising target for immunotherapy. Tregs have shown their potential in a number of clinical applications, including the treatment of graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) after haploid stem cell transplantation (HSCT), post-transplant immunosuppression therapy after solid organ transplantation, and management of autoimmune diseases like Type 1 diabetes. 
Significant challenges for these treatments  begin with the effective isolation and enrichment of Treg cells from donor material. A subsequent hurdle is their efficient expansion to obtain clinically relevant cell numbers in a GMP-compliant manner.

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