Imaging-based ultra high content phenotyping for the characterization of therapeutic targets and biomarkers

High-content imaging is an essential tool in the drug discovery pipeline for identification and validation of putative targets, pre-clinical characterization of cellular responses, therapeutics, and biomarker discovery. Hundreds of proteins from different sample types can be imaged with the MACSima™ Imaging Platform. This provides detailed information about their general spatial distribution, localization, quantification, and interactions down to a single-cell level.

The MICS technology - the principle of cyclic staining

Deep characterization of targets and biomarkers is conducted automatically in three steps in the MACSima Imaging Platform: a sample is stained with multiple fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies; this is followed by acquisition and subsequent processing of an image with a widefield microscope; to complete the cycle, the fluorescence signal is erased.

Powerful and automated: Ultra high content imaging with the MACSima™ Imaging Platform

Learn how the MACSima Imaging System can stain hundreds of markers on a single sample, and stain multiple samples at a time, all in an entirely automated fashion. See more than ever before: Unlock new insights and advance your research further, faster!

Analysis of target expression and spatial distribution on human PDAC biopsies.

In this study by Schäfer et al. 2021 (Nature Communications), the MACSima™ Imaging Platform was applied to validate the tumor-specificity of previously screened putative targets, as well as to better understand the biology behind the therapeutic responses in pre-clinical models. Tumor tissues from pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) were stained and imaged with MICS Technology. The high-content images allowed for identification of target candidate colocalization with tumor cells and no or low expression on non-tumor cells. These observations were confirmed with pre-clinical xenograft models. 

Industry symposium recoding
Early identification of target candidates for pancreatic adenocarcinoma immunotherapy

In this symposium, recorded at the virtual EACR 2021, you get insights into how Miltenyi Biotec’s cancer research solutions support the discovery of novel target candidates to develop innovative therapeutic approaches.

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