Cell Signaling Buffer Set A

Cell Signaling Buffer Set A

The Cell Signaling Buffer Set A has been developed for use with MACS® Cell Signaling Antibodies. It enables the fixation and permeabilization of cells for intracellular detection and analysis of transcription factors and phospho-proteins such as kinases.
Protein phosphorylation analysis is widely used to map the cellular signaling events that occur in response to activating or inhibiting cell stimuli. Analysis of phosphorylated proteins using flow cytomery, as compared to conventional analysis techniques, is rapid, allows for detection of target antigens in heterogenous populations and rare cells, and is ideal for multi-parameter analysis.
Further, by combining the specificity of phospho-epitope–specific antibodies with the sensitivity of flow cytometry, a fast quantitative evaluation of the phosphorylated state of intracellular proteins can be carried out in small sample sizes. The Cell Signaling Buffer Set A is compatible with most cell surface markers.


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