Anti-F4/80 MicroBeads UltraPure, mouse

Anti-F4/80 MicroBeads UltraPure, mouse

In mice F4/80 is a well-established, yet not exclusive, macrophage marker. Anti-F4/80 MicroBeads UltraPure have been optimized for the rapid and simple isolation of mouse macrophages from single-cell suspensions from lymphoid and non-lymphoid tissues. The UltraPure MicroBeads greatly improve recovery and purity of the sorted population by specifically enriching viable cells.
F4/80 is a member of epidermal growth factor (EGF)-transmembrane 7 (TM7) family and consists of a seven-span transmembrane molecule with a large extracellular, multiple EGF module–containing, domain. F4/80 is considered as one of the most specific cell-surface markers for murine macrophages. Constitutive and high expression of F4/80 is found on most resident tissue macrophages, including spleen, microglia in the brain, Kupffer’s cells in the liver, and Langerhans cells in the skin. In addition, the expression of F4/80 can also be regulated depending on the physiological status of the cell.

Downstream applications

Macrophages isolated with Anti-F4/80 MicroBeads UltraPure can be used for phenotypical and functional analyses, e.g. cytokine secretion, phagocytosis, polarization, and tolerance induction in different experimental murine models.


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