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  • ミエロイド細胞のための幅広い製品選択肢
  • 細胞分離製品と組織分散ソリューション、さらに高特異的な抗体製品群の最適な組み合わせにより、高い再現性を実現
  • トランスレーショナルリサーチをサポートします

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Discover application protocols and related scientific data for dendritic cell research

Dendritic cell research applications and protocols

Search through applications and protocols for DC, monocyte and macrophage research.

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Application highlight 

Antigen-specific restimulation of CD8+ T cells 
by cross-presenting dendritic cells

See the application note about high-quality automated cell isolation, as well as consistent cell culture and stimulation conditions for  co-cultures of crosspresenting DCs (XP-DCs) and CD8+ T cells  

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