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Physiological activation and efficient expansion of human T cells 

Our innovative T Cell TransAct has been developed to streamline your T cell activation and expansion procedure with a quick and simple protocol. The colloidal, polymeric nanomatrix, is conjugated to recombinant humanized CD3 and CD28 agonists for reliable activation of human T cells, whilst preserving high T cell viability and optimal immune function.  

  • Ready-to-use: no plate coating or variable bead-based activation
  • Easy volumetric dosage: no tedious cell counting
  • Simple removal by washing: no bead removal or addition of dissolving buffer, full downstream compatibility
  • Available in MACS GMP grade: straightforward translation into clinical applications
  • Consistent results: robust activation and expansion, highest cell viability, and preserved T cell phenotype 
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Take a look at the video and learn how T Cell TransAct can support to optimize your T cell research!


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