T cell culture: products and protocols 

Optimize your T cell culture 

Optimize ex vivo T cell cultivation, while preserving functionality and viability.  Our products and step-by-step protocols for human and mouse T cell culture, activation and expansion offer a reliable solution for your research.  

T cell media and cytokines 

After gentle T cell isolation with our MACS® Technology, cultivation of human and mouse T cells is best performed in our optimized and serum-free TexMACS™  T Cell Medium in the presence of either human or mouse IL-2 IS.  MACS® Premium-Grade Cytokines are provided with lot-specific activity in International Units (IU) to guarantee exact dosing and reliable results.  

T cell activation reagents 

T cells are efficiently activated polyclonally using MACSiBead T Cell Activation/Expansion Kits, human or mouse, or our innovative T cell activation and expansion reagent T Cell TransAct ™, human.