Pause. Take a step back. Learn about people. 

Miltenyi Biotec is a community of colleagues fascinated by science and dedicated to empowering cell research. That is our drive. But what makes many of us go the extra mile are the personal contacts we make with researchers around the world. While their work undoubtedly motivates us, their stories as human beings make us smile, reflect, admire, and at times, laugh out loud. Some of them are accomplished athletes. Others lead very different lives outside of the lab. And others yet pursue unexpected hobbies and interests. Each story is unique. Each contact is an opportunity to pause, take a step back, and learn something about people.  

The interviews of our Scientific Spotlight are a glimpse into the lives of scientists like you. We hope you enjoy each conversation and find inspiration from their thoughts and experiences exploring the frontiers of the biological sciences.

Advancing science, giving guidance, embracing humanity. A stroll with Paul Fairchild.

Interview with Dr. Paul Fairchild, Associate Professor in Medicine at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, Fellow and Tutor in Medicine at Trinity College, University of Oxford (UK)

On any given morning in Oxford, you may see pensive scholars on their way to a college, private hall, or department at the University of Oxford. One of them will be Dr. Paul Fairchild. For over 20 years, Paul has walked to and from work. Deep in thought, he mulls over problems, ideas, plans, and keeps himself "intellectually engaged with what we are doing, rather than answering infinite e-mails, which is more the norm, unfortunately."

Paul Klenerman and the fine art of serendipity surfing

Interview with Dr. Paul Klenerman, Sidney Truelove Professor of Gastroenterology at the Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford (UK)

Google Paul Klenerman and you’ll stumble upon a Wikipedia page listing past accomplishments of a young fencing champion. What he does today is splashed across numerous other websites and videos with terms like University of Oxford, viral immunology, T-cell responses, HIV, hepatitis C, host-virus interactions. 

A far cry from “Little Tortoise".  Jonas Nilsson in four acts. 

Interview with Dr. Jonas Nilsson, Inaugural Perkins Chair of Melanoma Discovery at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research (AU) and Professor in Experimental Cancer Surgery at the University of Gothenburg (SE) 

Conversations with some people take you on an unexpected journey of unique perspectives and tantalizing insights. That’s the case with Dr. Jonas Nilsson. Last November, he packed up the family and moved across the globe from Sweden to Western Australia on a personal and professional expedition. He isn’t trekking through the Australian bush. Instead, he is clearing a path for clinical melanoma research out of Perth. In the process, he’s seized the opportunity to leave a positive mark, regardless of where life takes him next. Taking chances runs deep in his career and has prevented stagnation on more than one occasion. 

Of great minds and elegant science

Interview with Dr. Ahmed Ahmed, Professor of Gynecological Oncology and Director of the Ovarian Cancer Cell Laboratory at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine (UK)

In  ovarian cancer circles, he is recognized for his work on p53. Dr. Ahmed Ahmed’s groundbreaking paper in 2010 demonstrated that high-grade serous ovarian cancer is a p53 mutated tumor and marked the beginning of his systematic characterization of the origin and genetic drivers of the disease. His work has greatly improved the identification of ovarian cancer patients for treatment.  

Stem cell wrangler by day, therapy maker… also by day. This is Agnete Kirkeby.

Interview with Dr. Agnete Kirkeby, Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen (DK) and Lund University (SE)

My mom helps making new medicines.” As simple as that sounds, Dr. Agnete Kirkeby’s ten-year-old daughter describes her mother’s work perfectly. Not only what she does, but also the reason that sustains her tenacity in a field that demands patience and precision like few others. 

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