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Virtual MACS COVID-19 Day

COVID-19 研究の最新の知見を共有するために Miltenyi Biotec が主催したバーチャルイベント。各専門家のプレゼンテーションがご覧いただけます。


COVID-19: stimulation, analysis and safe sorting of rare antigen- and virus-specific T cells


Analysis of antigen- and virus-specific T cells is essential to the understanding of fundamental immunological processes in the contexts of e.g. infectious diseases, immuno-oncology, as well as immune tolerance.  
In COVID-19, for instance, the presence of SARS-CoV-2 reactive T cells indicates an infected or convalescent donor and may also allow conclusions on disease progress, severity, specific immune reaction and status. 
However, working with antigen- and virus-specific T cells poses several challenges to researchers. Their low frequencies often hamper a reliable analysis. Specificity, inflammatory environment, subtype as well as detection limit and background are determining factors and thus require optimized procedures in order to facilitate a successful experiment. Moreover, potentially hazardous material poses a high risk of infection to the operator. 
In response, researchers are exploring more reliable and safe workflow solutions for efficient stimulation, precise analysis as well as safe and gentle cell sorting in especially the context of infectious diseases such as COVID-19. 


Dr. Marcello Stein and Dr. Felix Eppler (Miltenyi Biotec B.V. & Co. KG)


2020 年 12 月 8 日(火) 16:15 ~ 17:00